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IOT Based Battery Management System

Abstract - Battery Management System is an imperative system employed to check the operational parameters of the batteries ensuring optimum performance and safety of a battery. It is responsible for monitoring the key essential parameters of battery in cluding the voltage, current, temperature, state of charge, state of health during charging and discharging. Modern day Electronic sensors are employed in the system to serve the purpose. Such systems also account for proper Energy management and power delivery in the contemporary Electric Vehicles. The increasing demand of electricity generation from Renewable energy sources requires a proper storage and hence a proper monitoring system as well. Battery Management System is required in wide applications ranging from renewable energy storage systems, off- grid solar PV applications to Electric vehicles. The aim of this paper is to study the parameters involved in monitoring the operating conditions of battery and to propose the usage of internet of things (IOT) to implement an optimal and reliable battery management system. Keywords - Battery, BMS-Battery management system, Internet of things/IOT, Sensors, State of charge, State of Health.