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Design of External Antenna for Wi-Fi Anti-Theft using TV White Space Spectrum

This study investigates the usage of the TVWS spectrum in an antenna-based Wi-Fi anti-theft design. Stealing Wi-Fi signals for illegal activities is frequently observed and an anti-theft antenna system is proposed. The antenna operates at Wi-Fi frequency (2.4GHz),but due to the short-range line-of-sight approach of Wi-Fi, the antenna transmission over a longer range is impractical. Therefore, a second TVWS antenna i.e., a dipole antenna operating at 654 MHz is used for longrange transmission to the user end. The purpose of this paper is to design the antennas in High-Frequency System Simulator (HFSS). The electric field, 3D radiation pattern, and polar plots are discussed. Fabrication of proposed antennas using flame retardant (FR4), and the acrylic substrate is shown. Advanced Design Simulator (ADS)is used to improve the antenna design by making suitable modifications. Finally, the external antenna-based design is efficient for Wi-Fi anti-theft applications. Keywords - Anti-theft, External Antenna, Rectangular Patch, TVWS.