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An Ammonia Resistive Semiconductor Gas Sensor Based on Nickel Oxide Covered with Pt Nanoparticles

In this work, an ammonia resistive semiconductor gas sensor based on nickel oxide (NiO) covered with Pt metal nanoparticles is investigated. For material analysis and structural analysis, the thickness of NiO sensing layer is about 30nm and the platinum nanoparticles are about 16nm in size. Experimentally, at operating temperature of 300°C, it has a sensitivity of 256% for 1000 ppm ammonia gas, and the lowest concentration can reach 1ppm ammonia gas. Because this device is modified with platinum nanoparticles, it has a faster response speed than other traditional platinum thin-film ammonia sensors. Furthermore, at 300°C and under 1000ppm ammonia gas, the response time is 23 sec and the recovery time is 53 sec. Keywords - Ammonia Gas Sensor, Nickel Oxide, Pt Nanoparticles, Sensitivity