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Performance Analysis of 2-Bitsynchronousup Counter in 45nm CMOS Technology

In this paper, a 2-bit synchronous up counter is proposed by using a D flip-flop. It is designed for low power consumption at high speeds. The flip-flops and logic gates used in the 2-bit synchronous up counter circuit are designed with NAND gates only and using Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology. The parametric analysis is simulated with Cadence Virtuoso software on 45nm technology. A logic diagram for a synchronous counter is presented. Synchronous counters encode the count sequence using logic between the flip-flops and a common clock. The output bits of a synchronous counter change states simultaneously. The performance analysis for a 2-bit synchronous up counter is in terms of power consumption and propagationdelay. Keywords - Synchronous counter, D flip-flop, NAND gate, CMOS technology, Power consumption, Propagation delay.