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Industrial Exhaust Fans As Source Of Power

The energy demand of the world has become unbridled in the past years and is augmenting by leaps andbounds. With increase in energy demand, the conventional sources of energy(fossil fuels, nuclear) are encumbered with monumental pressure and hence, the unremitting use of it, leads to dearth of fossil fuels. This has provoked an extensive research into the area of non-conventional energy sources like hydro, wind, thermal energy, etc. Out of these, the wind energy is being discussed in this paper. Wind energy has a lot of potential and advantages but its utilization is restricted due to its irregularity, geographical conditions and its availability. Our primary goal is to suggest an idea that can surmount these conundrums and utilize the wind energy to its maximum extent. This paper deals with the wind energy that can be derived from the wasted wind energy from industrial exhaust fans. The wind force from an exhaust fan can drive a small windmill and the energy generated from it will be stored in energy storage unit. The power stored in the battery can be transmuted into ac with the help of an inverter and then it can be supplied to the load and hence, this wasted power from exhaust fan can be utilized to meet the growing energy demand.