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Voltage Distribution Among Turns And Winding Of High Voltage Motor

High voltage motors are normally used to drive water pumps, thermal power stations as auxiliaries, fans and other auxiliary items. The steep fronted transients such as switching over-voltages originate at the terminals of circuit-breaker. Failures of many high-voltage motors have been blamed on switching over-voltages. The increasing use of circuit- breakers requires the protection from switching over-voltage caused by prestrike and restrike of the switch contacts. The sloping or limiting of the wave-front provides the protection for turn to turn insulation and ground insulation by distributing the switching surge voltage across many turns adjacent to the line end. It is possible by using the suitable protective devices such as capacitance, resistance-capacitance. Impulse voltage of 225 kV, 0.1/50 µs for 6.6 kV motor is generated and fed to the distributed winding of motor with protective devices and measured the line end coil and turn voltages. This paper presents a computer simulation study of switching and impulse voltage using MATLAB software package. Index Terms—Steep Fronted Transients and Simulation Tool