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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Systems

As energy-hungry developing nations are engaged in increasing their industrial activity and the more they put pressure on the natural resources, which day-by-day are becoming extinct and jeopardizing the growth. The main roadblock is energy deficiency. “As India strives to raise its annual GDP growth rate from the present 7-8% to over 10%, the ENERGY DEFICIT will only worsen. This may not only retard growth, it could also impose an additional burden in terms of the increased cost of importing oil and natural gas, in a scenario of sharply rising hydrocarbon prices.” This was quoted by MR. MANMOHAN SINGH. India will need an installed capacity of 250 GW of electricity by 2015, against 120 GW available currently. To avoid this power generation must be stepped up The future lies in efficient use of Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy offers “Clean & Green Energy”. CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER (CSP) SYSTEMS offers a reliable source of energy.