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Patient Monitoring System As An Aid To Assist The Doctors In Curing Diverse Ailments

In the field of human health, collecting real time data is vital. A system developed by us that can remotely monitor heart rate and body temperature is presented in this research article. Wireless technology has emerged as one of the premium technologies endowed with precision, time management, ease and confidence in biomedical engineering sector. Medical devices, information technology and communication have already converged in providing an enabling potential platform in collection, collation of data from distant places and dispensing the same to its destination for processing and to have clues for curing the ailments by the doctor sitting in his chamber even at homes [1].Wireless based biomedical devices provide a lot of advantage to the nurse as the vital signs of patient can be monitored from a distance continuously. Conventional method for measuring heart beat and temperature is done at every few hours in the hospital by the nurses, however, it is very tedious, exhausting and warrants systematic pressure measurement at regular time interval that keeps the nurse mentally busy also. For enabling continuous monitoring we have conceptualized and implemented this novel design so that any abnormality of the patient can be detected remotely by the doctor without his physical presence. The central objective of this investigation is to provide an instant solution for monitoring patients for body temperature fluctuations and abnormal heart beat rate over a continuous time period. The advantage of the system is effectiveness as preventive measures against febrile seizures and other cardiac abnormal condition. Index Terms- Arduino, Processing2, Heart Beat Monitor, Body Temperature.