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Enhancements In Output Impedance And Accuracy Of Current Mirror Circuit

Inmany different analog and digital VLSI circuits, telescopic differential amplifier and bio-medical applications, a very high output impedance and highly accurate current mirror with less number of transistors is required. In this paper, a modified Super Wilson current mirror design has been proposed whose output impedance and accuracy is better than the previous proposed circuit. Also it requires less number of transistors. No additional biasing circuit is required in this design. Also negative feedback has been used to equate the output current with input current. The problems in current mirror comes specially at very low input current because it becomes difficult to maintain the performance of current mirror at very low input current (less than 10 μA). The proposed design gives better output impedance and accuracy at very low input current . All the simulations have been done at 90 nm technology using Tanner tool. Keywords— Current Mirror, Output Impedance, Accuracy, Error.