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Technology Transfer Model For The Information And Communication Industry

The purpose of this work is to develop and empirically test a model that describes the TT process of embracing of foreign advanced technology by ICT companies as well as entrepreneurial and ICT-based SME’s projects in Libya. The past relevant TT models are reviewed in order to investigate and sort out the most influential ITT factors. These factors are verified upon formulating the TT model that addresses the TT process in ICT projects and SME survival. The model defines the following factors (enablers) that influence that ITT process: TT government support initiatives, transferor characteristics, transferee characteristics, TT environment, learning centres, and their respective sub-factors (variables). The outcome (achievements) factors are identified and explained through their relevant sub-factors. The questionnaire that conducted recently in the TT process in the Libyan ICT industry was utilized to verify the model and investigate the interrelationships between the model’s factors. This paper is a part of an ongoing study to develop a technology transfer model for the Libyan ICT industry. Statistical analysis methods were used to analyse the data received. . Keywords- International Technology transfer, ITT, Information and communication technology, ICT, Small and medium enterprises, SMEs, modelling