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Bat Algorithm Based Optimal Transmission Expansion Planing With Generator/Load Models And Frequency Controls

Basically, Static planning is standard TEP. Now-a-days dynamic planning also made on TEP for a selected period. TEP is first implemented as DC-TEP is approximate planning. In practical scenario AC-TEP is the best selection for TEP. Different metaheuristic techniques are used to solve transmission expansion planning (TEP) problem using an AC model. In this Paper TEP is carried out by using bat algorithm. Bat algorithm (BA) is a population based metaheuristic approach based on hunting behavior of bats. In this algorithm possible solution of the problem is represented by positions taken by bat in its approach towards its target. Quality of the solution is indicated by the best position of a bat to its prey. BA has been tested for continuous constrained optimization problems. BA can be used to solve many power system optimization problems. The objective of the TEP problem is to optimize the transmission network topology by selecting the new circuits that should be added to an existing transmission network so as to minimize the objective function. It is subjected to operating conditions for generating units and transmission network. Keywords— AC-OPF, Bat Algorithm, Frequency Control, Generator Model, Load Models, Transmission Expansion Planning.