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Analysis Of Speed Estimation Of Two Mass Drive Systems Using PID Controller By Matlab And Model SIM

This paper is a research work summary on two mass drive system speed estimation using different types of controllers readily available in software as well as in hardware. The complete analysis begins with a basic idea behind the block diagram modeling presented in early papers related to two mass modeling. After the closed loop diagram implementation, another novelty has been proposed identified with controllers in the complete demonstrating. Two different error reduction controllers namely PI and PID in discrete form as a controller are taken for speed synchronization of two drives. The time constant taken for drive 2 is 203e-3 and 406e-3, similarly for drive 1 the time constant 203e-3. After repeated experiment in MATLAB and SIMULINK by taking one additional parameters namely resonance frequency as wr= 30s-1 and wr = 40s-1. Another imperative point is the complete experiment is partially taken on verilog HDL using MATLAB HDL verifier. The discrete controllers are converted to HDL block and then these blocks replaces actual simulation block of PI and PID controller. The experiments done MATLAB/SIMULINK and then a hybrid experiment using MATLAB/SIMULINK with modelsim shows a good level of accuracy of speed estimation between two drives. Thus conclusion of this research paper is that PID controller is performing better than PI controller. Error achieved with PI is approximately -24.29 similarly with PID is -.00545 and modelsim PID is -.0025. Keywords- PI Controller , PID Controller, Drive System.