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Development Of Human-Robot Collaboration With Collective Intelligence For Cyber-Physical System

With the advent of the intelligentization era, “Production on Demand” is the important manufacturing mode.“Cyber-Physical System” is the key architecture for intelligent manufacturing systems. So it is more important to develop human-robot collaboration with collective intelligence for cyber-physical system. In the paper, a human-robot collaboration with collective intelligence for cyber-physical manufacturing system is proposed. It includes intelligent communication, intelligent coordination, intelligent cooperation and intelligent shared creation. Particle swarm optimization, artificial immune system algorithm and artificial fish swam algorithm will be used as artificial intelligence for cloud computing in the system. Finally, all the design flow and results of intelligent collaboration is presented. For human-robot collaboration, it increases overall competitive performance of products, reduces cost of products and consummation rates of human resources. Keywords- Human-Robot Collaboration, Collective Intelligence, Cyber-Physical System, Intelligent System.