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Study On Cloud-Dust Based Fool-Proofing Design And Crisis Management For Maintenance Of Solar Energy Generating System

In the paper, a cloud-dust based fool-proofing design and crisis management for maintenance of solar energy generating system is proposed. It is designed to prevent the failure of the various intelligent mechanisms of solar energy generating system, including records, surveillance, assessments, predictions, diagnosis, prescription, and scheduling. It is implemented based on cloud-dust architecture. And it is separated into (1) fool-proofing design module (2) crisis management module. The fool-proofing indexes are set to prevent the failure of the various mechanisms. The states of the various mechanisms are managed by the auto-checked fool-proofing indexes. If mistakes prevention is fail, we have to execute the crisis management for stopping harmful results. The crisis management will find the error level and response the solution by intelligent Inference. The computing engines of the intelligent system model are designed using neural network, fuzzy logic and particle swarm optimization method. By the experiments, we can find the advantages of the proposed system. And it is effective to prevent the failure of the various mechanisms of intelligent solar energy generating system. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Fool-Proofing, Crisis Management, Intelligent Maintenance, Solar Energy Generating System.