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Evaluation of Inclined Impingement Cooling in a Sudden Expansion Cross Flow

A Computational study has been conducted to analyze the turbulent flow mixing and heat transfer of a sudden expansion channel under inclined impingement cooling. The impinging jets were inclined in the direction of the main cross flow. This study was performed for a sudden expansion and jets Reynolds numbers of 40000 and 12000 respectively. The effect of contraction ratio and jets inclination angle on the flow mixing structure and heat transfer was examined. The aim of this study is to verify how this flow geometry can improve the turbulent flow mixing features and enhancing the heat transfer . The governing flow and energy equations were modeled by Navier-Stockes and energy equations. The effect of turbulence was modeled by using k-є model. These governing equations were discretised by using a finite volume technique. A computer program based on a SIMPLE algorithm has been developed to solve the discretised equations. The conducted results show that the presence of inclined impinging jets with a sudden expansion cross flow is a key factor for improvement the turbulent flow mixing and heat transfer enhancement compared with classical problem of a sudden expansion. Keywords— Heat transfer Enhancement, Impinging Jets, Sudden Expansion, Turbulence Models.