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Cognitive Radio System— Effective Power Optimization and Utilization of Routing Protocol With Channel Quality Prediction From Spectrum Study

Due to huge advancement of wireless technologies, the radio spectrum is one of the mostly widely used and costly natural resource. Cognitive Radio is a promising technology to resolve the problem of radio system shortage. It is pragmatic for spectrum underutilization by enabling unlicensed users to opportunistically access the available licensed bands is an intelligent manner. In this paper, we analyze the performance of AODV-based and DSR-based multi-radio routing protocols in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHNs) using simulations in NS-4. We consider a dual- hop Cognitive radio network that consists of a secondary source-destination pair assisted by cognitive relay in their Communication. The concept of Underlay-Overlay arised through Amplifier and forward relaying to ensure minimum QoS requirements. It indicates that channel ranking base on the channel capacity proposal in it. Keywords— Multiradio AODV, Multiradio DSR, Dual hop CRN, Channel Quality Prediction, Routing protocols and Bayesian inference.