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Dehazing Technique With Edge Enhancement Using FPGA Implementation

Images have always been an ineluctable part of human life among each other and its root millennia ago. Outdoor scenes and images rickety the quality, degrades under the bad weather conditions, and provides the badly affected images. Haziness is a massive obstacle in the visibility applications, so very important to remove efficiently. Due to haziness, an image generally lost color and edges. So, dehazing technique restores edge losses and color impacts badly. To enhance the excellence of an image (hazy) the various parameters are required for processing to get the superior computer vision and haze free images. Further, edge enhancement also an additional processing on final dehaze image to get better experimental results. Implementation of a system on Field Programming Gate Array to preserve color and edges of an image can be specifically used in many computer vision applications such as military, surveillance, transportation areas. Results comparison will be done on MATLAB.