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A New Modified Firefly Algorithm for Impedance Matching Optimization

The Firefly algorithm is one of the swarm intelligence methods based on the reaction of a firefly to the light emitted from others fireflies. The original form of the firefly algorithm already has managed to solve problems that have multi- dimensional and nonlinear problem. However, some modification or even hybridization with the other metaheuristic methods is advisable. In this paper, the traditional firefly algorithm is modified to take into account both the light intensity and the distance from each firefly. This modification results in a more realistic movement of the dimmer firefly towards the brighter one. The performance of the proposed algorithm was tested for its performance in finding optimal solutions of an antenna impedance matching and found that this new algorithm is not only more effective but also more flexible to handle the multimodal function optimization problem. Key words - Optimization, Modification , Firefly Algorithm , Multimodal Function