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Design of Arduino based Shoe for Blind with Wireless Charging

Good Vision is one of the gift from the God, vision enable a person to know about his surroundings. But Unfortunately millions of people are deprived of this gift. Lack of Vision add to low esteem in visually impaired person making them conservative because they are not able to interact with world in a manner others do. In taking all these point in consideration a cheap, friendly user wearable Shoe is proposed that aid blind people in doing everyday stuffs and make them self-Independent. This Shoe enable both partially and totally blind person to self-navigate in an unknown environment. The Proposed shoe comes with feature such as Obstacle detector sensor, Water Sensor, Wireless Charging, GPS Tracking. Keywords - Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic Sensor, DC-DC Boost Convertor, Wireless Charging Pad, Piezo Buzzer