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Effects Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiations On Living Beings And Environment

We are living in the world which is surrounded by the electromagnetic radiations. Right from compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to our laptops, all emit radiations. As the use of these electrical and electronic products is increasing exponentially across the globe, there is a high concern over public health because of the radiations emitted by them. The aim of this paper is to look into the studies that have proven electromagnetic radiations harmful to human beings, animals as well as environment. Adverse effects of radiations on human head, ears, eyes, body and on animals and mammals have been depicted here. In our analysis, it has been found that there are lot of studies that prove the harmful effects of radiations and further studies can be conducted to strengthen the relationship between radiations and its health hazards. Awareness should be created amongst masses regarding the effects of radiations so that precautions can be taken by the people.