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Implementation Of Radar Controller And Display Interface Using Nichestack And NIOS II Development System

The paper benevolences interfacing application program between Radar controller and Display in Nios II IDE. NIOS II IDE uses NicheStack TCP/IP stack which is to be implemented and to be analyzed for data rate and communication overhead which provides immediate access to a stack for Ethernet connectivity for the Nios II processor. Signal Processor Controller uses Nios II processor for sending and receiving data via Ethernet. The focus of the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack implementation is to reduce resource usage while providing a full-featured TCP/IP stack. Nios II is Altera’s Second Generation Soft-Core 32 Bit RISC Microprocessorwhich provides flexibility to add features to enhance performance or conversely eliminate processor features and peripherals to fit the design in a smaller, low-cost device. The implementation of Nichestack is carried out using the software Nios II software build tools for eclipse and Quartus II provided by Altera. Successful transfer of real time radar data is demonstrated between the NIOS II acting as the radar controller (client) and a Host PC acting as display (server) and the data rate is analysed.