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Design Optimization of Viscoelastic Pump Discharge Pipe with Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Viscoelastic pipes are used in hydraulic systems with the purpose of reducing vibration transmission throughout the whole system. Choosing the most suitable design and viscoelastic material is usually made by experimenting, which leads to significant amounts of time and monetary costs. In recent years, together with the development of adequate computational tools, studies started to get benefits from numerical simulations. This study presents the design optimization of viscoelastic pump discharge pipe by using nonlinear finite element analysis. The mechanical properties of viscoelastic material were obtained from DMA tests, by sweeping excitation frequencies (0.1Hz-100Hz) and material temperatures (35°C-80°C). The material master curve was fitted by using WLF shift function on MSC Marc& Mentat 2016. Neo-Hookean hyper elastic material properties and FFT results obtained from vibration measurements were used to create the finite element model. The transmitted vibration levels obtained from the experiments were compared with numerical analysis results. Finally, effect of determined geometric parameters of the pipe on transmitted vibration levels were investigated by using the numerical simulations. Index terms - Hyperelastic materials, Neo-Hookean, Pipe Vibration, Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis