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Analysis of Cutting Oil on Surface Finish for Turning Operation and A Case Study on Preparation of CuO Nanofluid Based Cutting Fluid

In this paper, the analysis of soluble oil cutting fluid is done by comparing the surface roughness for different depth of cut for turning operation in Lathe machine. The experimental setup was established for carrying out the experiments and the temperature readings were taken using FLIR Thermal imaging camera and Stem thermocouple and tabulated for the calculation of Heat transferred. In the cutting fluids, the thermal conductivity of base fluid is low because of which the heat transferred is low. Hence to improve the heat transfer rate and for better surface finish, CuO nanoparticles are added to base fluid so that the thermal conductivity of the base fluid is increased and reduces the temperature at workpiece- tool interface and reduces the friction and tool wear. It was mixed with the help of homogenizer. The results for the preparation of nanofluid did not come out as expected due to absence of surfactant, which stabilizes the nanoparticle in the fluid.