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Reducing Energy Consumption in HVAC Systems of Rusafa Prison in Iraq

This paper proposes new strategies for reducing the energy consumption and cost in HVAC systems of Rusafa prison in Iraq. It is mainly focused on studying the possibility of rationalization of energy consumption in HVAC system by applying computer programs such as HAP program to simulate the Energy Consumption of the Rusafa prison in Iraq for patıents and TB (tuberculosis) prisoners, based on a yearly, monthly tests. Both VAV (Variable Air Volume) and CAV (Constant Air Volume) mechanisms are applied to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed methods and energy consumption by using both approaches are analyzed and compared. Simulation Results show that large energy saving is obtained by using our proposed method. The two stage cooler system using VAV is contributed to decrease the required energy consumption dramatically at a yearly total amount as much as 50% compared with any other system. Index Terms - HVAC system, energy consumption, CAV, VAV.