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Development of 3D Printed Human Collar Bone Fixture Plate Implant Classified by Individual CT and MRI Scan Digital Database

This research concentrates on the design and advancement of tweak human collar bone joint implant for each recognized individual in light of classified CT and MRI scan digital images. Introduce work likewise accentuation on the evacuation of errors in modify configuration, surface fittings, and life expectancy. This examination underpins the base of the production of individual collar bone joint implant to guarantee the natural fitting as nature fitting is constantly best fitting. And as a coordinated result this examination impacts on the correct agronomic orientation and simple fitting of the redo human collar bone joint implants with increase in life traverse of the executed collar bone joint. To make this possible, 3d surface model of individual human collar bone joint implant extracted from CT and MRI scan digital images followed by surface recreation of the 3d model. After recreation phase Design and Development of human collar bone joint implants will be done using bone data from 3D model and final implant will be printed using additive manufacturing. Keywords - Collar Bone Joint Implant, CT and MRI Scan, Agronomic Orientation, Additive Manufacturing