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Case study on Pump Running in Turbine mode for Small -Hydropower

Small and mini hydropower systems display a good-looking solution with the help of pump as turbine for hydropower generation with lower cost as well no or minimal environmental impact. The pump-as-turbine (PAT) method is also very good because of low acquisition cost and maintenance cost a swell. The characteristics of pump as turbine has been discussed through an experimental study of centrifugal pumps. Thus, comparing and analyzing the experimental results of pump working in turbine mode provided by some of the earlier researchers. through its greatest efficacy as well as precise speed in pump mode, there have been establishment of new correlations. have. The resulting values obtained are consistent with the experimental results. These correlations will be useful for predicting the performance of the pumps working in turbine mode. Several CFD analysis to predict the inverse characteristic of industrial centrifugal pumps have also been presented. This paper provides the outcomes of an experimental study of a centrifugal pump working as turbine (PAT).it has been proved through the that a centrifugal pump can acceptably be operated as turbine shorn of any mechanical problems. Comparing to operation of pump, the pump was seen to operate at higher heads and discharge values in turbine mode. Keywords - Pump as turbine, hydropower, small hydro power, pump in reversed mode; Renewable energy