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Analysis of Fabricated Al Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced With Ti-62222 Via Multi Pass Friction Stir Processing

This paper investigates the fabrication of Aluminum Matrix Composite (AMC) and Ti-62222 powder by multi pass Friction Stir Processing (FSP). Grooves were machined on the Aluminum sheets to deposit the titanium powder, which is the reinforcement and the sheets were processed at some sets of parameters. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and an optical system were used to observe the microstructures. To determine the wear behavior, pin-on-disc apparatus was used to analyze the wear resistance of the samples. The results indicate that the number of passes greatly affect the particle distribution of the reinforcement as expected, which subsequently influenced the composite characteristics such as the wear resistance and hardness profiles. A homogenous distribution of the Ti-62222 particles in the Al matrix was observed at the third pass from the SEM and EDX analyses and a significant enhancement in the Vickers micro hardness was observed. Lastly, the grain sizes of the processed samples were characterized, the finest grains measured were found to be an average size of 1.6μm, which is 97.5% smaller when compared to the parent metal at 65.23μm, these grain sizes are produced by the sample fabricated after three passes. The sets of processing parameters considered and the number of passes can be considered for typical surface engineering applications. Index Terms— Ti-62222, multi pass friction stir processing, composite materials, mechanical properties, microstructure.