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Anti-Ballistic Laser Satellite

Abstract- It is very important for a country to have a defense against ballistic missiles. The anti-ballistic missiles used till date requires many ground stations and the nearest ground station launches the missile. The system is very expensive and requires resources which when used once cannot be replenished. Majority of anti-ballistic missiles destroy the ballistic missile in the earth atmosphere, hence leads to pollution. Hence there comes a need to protect a country against ballistics by minimum utilization of resources and money. Hereby, we propose a design of Anti-ballistic laser satellite which can be used to destroy the ballistic missile. The idea is to follow the trajectory of ballistic missile using a high intensity laser and destroying the ballistic missile at apogee. The laser beam is focused on the ballistic from its burnout point till the apogee where the warhead is destroyed. This laser is a result of multiple reflections which are guided by hexagonal shaped mirrors of which the main reflecting surface is made up of. These multiple lasers hit the ballistic missile and generate a large amount of heat. This heat destroys the ballistic missile. This is a pollution free and one time investment procedure for defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles.