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Design and Simulation of an Opposed-Piston Engine Worked by the Resonant and Focusing of the Shock Wave

This paper was carried out a design to produce high-pressure shock-wave forms in order to increase the efficiency of the energy concentrated by the shock reflection, resonant or focusing. In this study, numerical simulation was adopted to analyze the interaction between shock waves and moving boundaries. The CFD method is applied to simulate the shock resonant or focusing in an opposed-piston engine driven by shock wave. The finite volume method for solving Navier-Stokes equations to investigate the resonant and focusing of the shock wave in a typical cylinder. The test parameters are including of pressure source, temperature, piston weight and high-pressure release time. This analysis allowed for the identification of the interdependence among the parameters involved when shock waves are used to concentrate energy. The results of this study provide a reference for follow-up experiments and future system design of a magnetic-fluid generator. Indexterms- Shock wave, Opposed-piston engine, Resonant, Focusing, CFD.