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Performance Evaluation of a Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polyper Composites Clamping Plate Application of Improved Moveable Weir for Irrigation Water

The improved movable weir supplements the advantages and disadvantages of the rubber weir and the conduction gate. It consists of a stainless steel gate, air bags, and a steel clamping plate. The stainless steel gate is the main body of the weir, and the inflatable rubber sheet serves to support the steel gate. The steel clamping plate is typically in direct continuous contact with water, but this leads to corrosion issues that can reduce the life of the entire movable weir. In this study, a paneltype glass-fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) clamping plate was designed and fabricated. The test results showed that the flexural load of the panel-type GFRP composite clamping plate was over twice that of the wings type GFRP clamping plate. The lowest moisture absorption value was obtained upon exposure to tap water, and exposure to other solutions showed similar values. Keywords: Flexural load, improved moveable weir, panel-type GFRP composite clamping plate