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Study on my Private PI

In today’s world public and private sector heavily depends on internet specially Wi-fi hotspot at local places like coffee shops, malls for either their entertainment purpose or their personal endeavors. People use hotspot in more than one devices like in mobile, laptop, tablet at a time. The problem arises here only since there is nobody who is monitoring the security as anyone can connect to these hotspots showing there IP address to the host, thus allowing hackers to hack their systems. The solution is VPN which protects user identity, helps them share and use data in more secured manner thus solving the security issues. Users can use from variety of VPN available in the market in which some are free and other are paid, but again we cannot download VPN for each and every device as it may be costly or creates problem in managing VPN software. Our project involves use of Raspberry pi integrated with VPN which solves both the issue of security and connection problem. The Pi is connected to either wireless or wired internet connection via ethernet. When user connects with Raspberry the internet is guided to a secure tunnel without any need of software client thus avoiding any third-party inference between user and client. The VPN has added advantage of providing secured sharing and bypass other restricted websites which user want to access. Keywords- Raspberry PI, VPN, Networking, Security, Portability.