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Accelerometer Pattern Behaviour in Smart Devices in Case of Accident

The number of Socially Responsible IT/Mobile devices and apps are rising day by day in our society, and it is expected that total number of its user in the whole world will be up to 2 billion by the end of 2016 . It can be predicted that in near future such products will be an important part of our daily routine even in case of any mishap/emergency. The purpose of this study is to identify Sensor Behavior and Activities of such IT devices during any unwanted emergency situations. The accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate, Proximity, Light, Pressure sensors and other sensors within the device can be used for this purpose. Our intent in this is to show that the motion sensors can be used to obtain sensitive information during any road mishap. Using the magnitude of the motion sensor data, and in case of emergency and urgency, we can help the victim carrying any Socially Responsible IT device in many ways, and even the device learns new activities. Multiple approaches were implemented to attempt to find the best results. Keywords - Accelerometer, Motion Sensor, Road Mishap