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Brain machine interface automation system: A design approach

The capacity of computers to improve and expand both mental and physical capabilities and potential is no more the elite domain of science fiction writers. Soon it is going to be a reality, Brain Computer Interface technology will help to define the potential of humanity. BMI (Brain Machine Interface) systems are viable for motor disabled person who cannot move their limbs or are paralyzed. For such people BMI can serve as a boon as only by just thinking about the task it can be done with the help of EEG based robots. An automation system where humans will interact with the system through EEG signals using BMI concept.BMI uses brain activity to command, control, actuate and communicate with the automation system directly through brain integration with peripheral devices and systems. A brain actuated wheelchair will serve beneficial to the motor disabled person for moving from one place to another. Signals from brain will be acquired with the help of dry electrodes and those signals are processed in the system processor. The processed signal will be then applied to the Wheelchair depending on the instructions given by the person sitting on it.