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Multimedia Document Authentication Using Scanned Signatures As Digital Watermarks

In the early days, various types of encryption and control access techniques were used to control the unauthorized access of any documents and also to protect the ownership of media. But, in present days, the advancements of digital communication and availability of relatively cheap recording and storing devices, allow us to easily access, replicate and distribute digital multimedia contents without loss of quality. This is a major matter of concern for the owner of the multimedia documents (audio, video, text, and image) as multimedia documents are replacing traditional paper based documents for official and legal purposes. The most popular methods used for authentication of multimedia documents are digital watermarking. We propose a watermarking system, which uses scanned signature of the author as the watermark in the document and which is used to verify the author’s claimed identity. This paper presents a scanned signature watermarking scheme to restrict the intruders from getting unauthorized access to any multimedia documents and the embedded watermark is robust enough to survive all sorts of attacks.