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Development & Visualization Of Industrial Equipment With An Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that merges real world objects with computer generated virtual objects, that superimposes the virtual objects upon the real world and presents them in the users view. Mechanical design and maintenance tasks in industrial areas are some of the many domains for AR applications. In this research a prototype of AR system for designing and assisting in maintenance of equipment (PC) is presented. The key hardware feature of the system is a camera, which gives the position and orientation of equipment using AR Media and a laptop PC as the Platform of the whole application. The design and architecture is described. Finally experimental results are presented. This research explores the use of AR to improve the efficiency in a design process specifically in mechanical design. This paper presents a system for operating the equipment in an AR environment, the resulting application is both easy to use and cheap, in that it does not require expensive equipment.