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Blockchain based E-Voting System

An electronic voting protocol provides end-to-end verifiability if the voter can verify that their vote was correctly counted and any party can verify the results of the election. There have been several proposals outlining potential systems; however, these have all been built on top of protocols primarily designed as transaction ledgers. There are many existing voting solutions, which have different benefits and issues. The most significant ones are lack of transparency and audit ability. Recently developed blockchain technology may be a solution to these issues. In this paper, I propose a voting system, built on the Ethereum protocol, which uses the properties of smart contracts to enforce strict rules surrounding the ballots of an election. These ballots are both independently and universally verifiable and maintain all of the desirable properties of the blockchain (such as immutability). All of this is achieved without sacrificing voter privacy or ballot integrity. The resulting system shows clear potential for Blockchain technology to become a central part of applications wishing to provide transparency and security in public scenarios. Keywords - E-voting; Blockchain; E-voting System; Intelligent Agents; Multi-Agent System.