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Agriculture System in Crop Farming using Artificial Intelligent

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economyand developmentof a country like India. Thereare many issues which always makes hurdle for the development of agricultural productivity. The only solution to this problem is a Smart irrigation system whichreplaces the traditional agricultural method. Hence, the proposed method is a Machine learning implemented in Irrigation system by using Raspberry Pi. The Smart Irrigation uses prehistoric data consisting of moisture level, time, crops used, season and weather based on which system will learn what is the best moisture level and maintain the level by providing insight of when to start and stop the water flow controlled by the motor. Whenever there is a change in temperature, humidity - it gives an interrupt signal to Raspberry Pi. Accordingly, to the interrupt signal, the amount of watering the plants is controlled by the motor. This system provides certain advantages as the controlled water is provided as per the necessity of plants that will save energy consumption & will overcome the drawback watering the plant on daily basis compared with the presence automation system. Keywords - Irrigation, Machine Learning, Raspberry Pi, Soil Moisture Sensor.