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Finding an Optimal Free-Obstacle Path for a Mobile Robot Using A* Algorithm

The path planning is a fundamental problem in robotics, it consists to find an optimal free-obstacle path for a robot from a starting position to a given destination (a goal). There are many approaches to solve this problem, one of the most common and widely known is the A Star search. In this paper we will implement the A* searching technique to solve the path planning problem. We assume the environment of the robot is represented by a grid map in which the initial and goal states (current location and the destination) are clearly localized on the map. Some cells of the map contains obstacles the robot cannot traverse them to reach the goal. The robot can move in different directions (horizontally or vertically) from a cell to another neighbor free cell. In the following sections we will describe how to implement A* algorithm on static environment with randomly obstacles. Keywords - Path Planning, A* Algorithem, Free-Obstcale