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Development Of Coginition Enabled Game Based E-Learning Framework For Engineering Mechanics Concepts

In learning mechanics fundamentals in engineering, it is found that many students struggle to understand the basic concepts. In particular, the huge amount of material in two subject areas viz., statics and dynamics. Within each subjects there are many topics to cover which is a compound effect, that is, a new topic draws upon fundamentals of preceding topics. Students lacking those fundamentals lead to a huge failure rate. The key solution to this is dramatically increasing the engagement and motivating levels. Motivating them with traditional methods such as lectures and written materials is more difficult. The main objective of the present work is to motivate the students to learn concepts through computer games and to make the learning process more enjoyable and interactive. To design and to develop computer-games that can relate with concepts of engineering mechanics which in turn will transform students understanding irreversibly is the proposed work. It is expected that the outcome of this work shall give students a clear sense of fundamental insights of concepts that they will carry into their professional life as engineers. Keywords - Engineering Mechanics, Computer Games, E-Learning, Games based Learning, Engineering.