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The Multi Group Sweep Algorithm Concept For Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Window

This research introduces the Multi Group Sweep Algorithm (MGSA) Method which is a modified version of the Sweep Algorithm. The main concept of MGSA is to create small group of k customers and then using the skip sweep algorithm to create the group routing as usual step as the original sweep algorithm. The dataset to be used in comparing the efficiency of the purposed algorithm is Solomon Dataset (25). The Solomon dataset can be divided into 3 types; C type (clustered customer distribution), R type (randomly distributed customer), and RC type (combination of a random and a clustered customer distribution). Total of 29 datasets are used and each set comprise of 25 customers. The results from the purposed algorithm reveal the remarkable outcome as follows: 1) 21% of the dataset give the better results in terms of total travelling distances, 2) 18% of the dataset give the better results in terms of the number of vehicle to be used, 3) the most reduction of total travelled distance is 67%, and 4) the most reduction of total routes is 68%. Keywords- Multi Group Sweep Algorithm, Skip Sweep Algorithm, Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window.