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Effective Mobile Storage Utilization Using IDBE (Intelligent Dictionary Based Encoding)

Effective storage utilization is the key concept for better working of any operating system. Even operating systems used for mobile phones are not an exception for this fact. This paper proposes a technique for maximizing the utilization of the storage space present in mobile phones. Thus it is important to utilize the space occupied by SMS files in phone’s memory, which take maximum space. The objective involved is designing a semantic dictionary based on Enhanced Intelligent Dictionary Based Encoding (EIDBE) which provides a high text compression ratio to utilize the space in phone’s memory. When SMS file will be received, English words present in the text will be replaced by the respective short words in the designed semantic dictionary. Thus replacing English words by the respective short forms reduces the space occupied by the SMS file. The paper describes the EIDBE Compression Technique without BWT for SMS Text Compression. The paper also compares the EIDBE technique with other compression algorithms based on the implementation of the EIDBE on Android system.