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RF Based Student Attendance System

The Most educational institution’s administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance, which may affect the student overall academic performance and finally it affects the students growth in education. The conventional method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and even insecure because there is possibility of proxy attendance. Therefore, web-based student attendance management system is required to assist the faculty and the lecturer for the time-consuming process. For this purpose, RF-based student’s attendance management system is a much convenient method to take the attendance. Student is provided with the RFID tags. When student comes near to the reader, it will sense the respective student and update attendance. The whole process is controlled using the microcontroller. This paper reviews some of these monitoring systems and proposes an RF based student attendance system. The system can be easily accessed by the lecturers via the Laptop and most importantly, the reports can be generated in real-time processing, thus, provides valuable information about the students’ commitments in attending the classes.