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Enhanced AODV-R Protocol By Using Ant Colony Optimization Based Path Selection

Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETS) enable the vehicles to communicate with each other as well as with road side units on the other side. But developing an efficient routing for these networks potentially due to the large mobility and regular changes in these networks is a challenging job. In VANETS transmission links are at the risk of disconnection. Thus the development of the efficient routing mechanism is needed in VANETS. It is observed in literature survey that the AODV-R outperforms all other related protocols. But still issues related to congestion control needs to be addressed. This paper proposes a New Ant Colony Optimization based AODV-R protocol for better data aggregation and route selection. The proposed methodology has shown quite significant improvement over available ones. Keywords- AODV-R,Link Reliability, Routing Reliability, VANETS, Ant Colony Optimization.