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High Efficiency Hybrid In Telligent Street Lighting Using A Zigbee Network And Sensors

Abstract – Zigbee based network devices which are efficient for street light management, measurement analysis of the performances of a control system. The combination of sensors used in public street lighting systems to control and maintain the street lighting system automatically. Different type of street light control systems are developed to reduce maintenance in operating light control system, so we designed intelligent street light control system by using Zigbee communication technique and combination of sensors The drawbacks of this conventional lighting system are its short transmission length, low transmission speed and that each street lighting area needs its own control unit which results in large numbers of modules needed so it will non-cost effectiveness for multi area lighting control .LED efficiency increase rapidly in recent years so we use LED for our street lighting since LEDs have the advantage as long-life low area utilizing the efficiency of lighting is 85 % and the conversion efficiency is 90 % the proposed Hybrid intelligent street lighting can optimize management and high efficiency of street lighting systems with the help of sensors.