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Solving DNA Sequence Assembly Using Particle Swarm Optimization With Inertia Weight And Constriction Factor

Abstract— This paper introduces an effectual technique to solve the DNA sequence assembly problem using a variance of the standard Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) called the Constriction factor Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO).The problem of sequence assembly is one of the primary problems in computational molecular biology that requires optimization methodologies to rebuild the original DNA sequence. This paper implements the particle swarm optimization using an inertia weight and a constriction factor with Smallest Position Value (SPV) rule to solve the DNA sequence assembly problem. The constriction factors proposed in this work ensures the accuracy of convergence of the particle swarm algorithm and helps to fine tune the search. The proposed approach maximizes the overlapping score between the fragments. The performances of the proposed CPSO algorithm were compared with the variants of particle swarm optimization algorithms and other known methodologies. The experimental results show that the proposed approach produces better overlap score than the other techniques when tested with different sized benchmark instances.