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Volume-12,Issue-1  ( May, 2024 )
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A Real Time Monitoring Dashboard for a Smart and Sustainable Parking Area

Author :Samiha Najah, Siham Al Hinai, Mitha Al Ashkhari, Adhiyaba Al Maqbali

Article Citation :Samiha Najah ,Siham Al Hinai ,Mitha Al Ashkhari ,Adhiyaba Al Maqbali , (2019 ) " A Real Time Monitoring Dashboard for a Smart and Sustainable Parking Area " , International Journal of Soft Computing And Artificial Intelligence (IJSCAI) , pp. 13-15, Volume-7,Issue-2

Abstract : The country of Oman is according a high importance to the environment protection. In the last decades, the urbanization rate has seen a great growth which increased the mobility of citizens. The number of cars has increased with a high rate as a result. The pollutant elements emitted by the cars can threaten the air quality in the country especially in the city of Muscat. The project aims to develop a smart solution that supports the realization of a sustainable parking area. The solution can be implemented for any parking and can have a positive environmental impact in the country of Oman. By monitoring the environmental factors, the awareness about the pollution issues can be increased among car owners and appropriate decisions can be taken by senior management. The monitoring tool is a user friendly web application. Different types of sensors are collecting the environmental measurement data and sending it to the cloud. The result will be provided through a clear dashboard. The system will also provide access to the historical data collected with some analysis which can help to understand the progression of the air quality and the trend for the next years. The system being analyzed will have a positive impact for the country of Oman by supporting the Environment researches being conducted and providing them accurate data on the air quality in different cities. Keywords - Smart Environment, Air Pollution, Parking, Iot, Dashboard, Cloud Computing, ISO14001, Sensors.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-7,Issue-2


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| Published on 2020-01-11
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