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Removal of Basic Dyes from Aqueous Solution using Activated Carbon Derived from Wood Apple Waste Biomass by Microwave Irradiation

The purpose of this study is preparation and characterization of activated carbon using wood apple rind waste biomass by microwave irradiation using sulphuric acid. The effects of pH, effect of dose and initial dye concentration of Methylene blue dye and Alizarin Red dye have been investigated. The FT-IR analysis of the activated carbon depicts the presence of a variety of functional groups on it. The pH of the dye solution plays a major role in the adsorption process and it is the most important factor compared to all other factors that affect the adsorption process. Keywords - Alizarin Red, Methylene Blue, Microwave oven, wood apple rind, Langmuir isotherm

Author - M.Anu, G.Vijayalakshmi, R.Malarvizhi

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| Published on 2018-07-20
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