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Potential of Citronella Grass Intercropping Among The Young Oil Palm For Supporting Bioindustry on Bangka-Belitung Island (Indonesia)

The potential space between the growing oil palm stands are fairly large and until now his presence yet underutilized. In the meantime the demand for essential oil in the world market. Citronella grass as one plant producing essential oils, can be used as an alternative to plant palm oil plantations on the sidelines. Agronomic performance of citronella grass monoculture and intercropping systems 6 months after planting and at harvest time (8 months after planting) showed no noticeable difference. The result showed the growth of Citronella grass grown among oil palm are able to match the growth of the Citronella grass that grown in monoculture. The presence of Palm plant in intercropping system does not provide any negative influence to the growth of the Citronella grass. Keywords: Citronella Grass, Palm Oil, Intercropping

Author - Reki Hendrata, Suwardih Dan, Mamik Sarwendah

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| Published on 2018-09-07
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