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Allelopathic Effects of Orchis mascula Extracts on Seed Germination & Growth of Triticum aestivum(Wheat) Seed

The scent of Orchids is frequently analyzed by perfumery (using headspace technology to identify potential fragrance chemicals, but it may be Allelopathic for germination of seeds. An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of Orchis mascula extract on Triticum aestivum seed germination. Orchis mascula extract were prepared by using acetone, methanol and distilled water as solvent. Different concentrations (50%, 40%, 30%, 20% & 10%) were used for the treatment of seeds for different duration. The treated seeds were then taken to test their germination by using blotting paper method (Agarwal, 1980). The well germinated seeds in each concentration were counted after day-1, day-2, day-3, & treatment and expressed. The experimented data analyzed that the Orchis mascula extract has significant effect on germination of wheat seeds. Interaction of different biochemicals on seeds of different concentration has been resulting the allelopathic effect on germination. As a result the Orchis mascula interacts to seeds in the form of allochemicals and showed allopathic properties that can inhibit the seed germination & their growth. Key words - Allelopathy, Seedling Growth, Seed Germination, Wheat Seeds, Orchis mascula extract.

Author - Snober Bashir, Sangeeta Dayal

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| Published on 2018-09-07
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