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Vermi-Composting and Bio-Methinization for Conversion of Waste to Valuable Products

Developing countries face increasing challenges in solid waste management and their mismanagement poses risks to society and the environment. Different types of organic waste are available in India. In this paper, a stream of organic waste which included food waste, agricultural waste (AW) and animal waste was studied. In this situation, the research examines and dissects the factors that are essential to the decentralized solid waste management framework in India. To this end, three decentralized composting facilities were studied in the districts of Surendranagar and Anand in Gujarat, India. One of the facilities uses Vermicomposting, while two other facilities use Bio-Methanization for waste treatment. The parameters investigated under the research were the drivers for the setting up of decentralized solid waste treatment facilities and their process and products along with the sustainability aspects. The results discuss the success factors and the aspect on which the long-term sustainability of the waste treatment process is based, including the various economic, technical, social, specialized and administrative components. Keywords - Decentralized, Solid-waste, India, Treatment Technologies, Waste-process, Vermi-Composting, Biomethanization

Author - Dhaval Patel, Devanshu Pandit

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| Published on 2018-09-08
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